Avast! Mobile Security (Android) Review

Hello everyone today I am reviewing Avast! Mobile Security for your Android device.

Avast! is a well-known anti-virus company for Windows, Mac, and now mobile. As of this writing Avast! has over 176 million active users.

Know you’re wondering why I am reviewing a security app for an Android device. This is not an argument that Android does or does not get malware. This review is more than that.

The fact is that there is more than 200,000 active android malware samples. It’s rather rare to get it from the Android market/play store but it has happened before. Most infections come by infected websites that sign you up for premium SMS messages, or from 3rd party app stores that pretend to be a legitimate app. For example in some Chinese mobile app stores temple run is a common app that is faked. The user installs the app because it looks familiar. Unknown to their Knowledge the app is signing up

Avast! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

their device for premium SMS messages.

As always though. The best protection is user awareness.

Avast! mobile security does more too. It will scan the web for bad websites (boat browser, boat mini browser, Google chrome, and the default android browser). Unfortunately no Firefox support so far.

Another killer feature is anti-theft. Where most people should be paying attention to this review. Lots of people get their phone stolen.

With Avast! you can track your phone on the web, lock it, wipe it, or send it a message. Which there is a lot of apps that do that. However with that being said there is something Avast! that does that others don’t. You can send a contact number and then can send a command via sms to your phone. Which is perfect if the device’s data connection is turned off.

Avast! anti-theft can be installed under a 3rd party name, which is recommended. Why? Well if someone does get your phone they will look to remove the anti-theft software. You can name it to something that they wouldn’t realize is associated with being anti-theft. You can also install it as a device administer making it impossible to remove unless the pin number was entered.

Avast! also has one of the highest Android malware detection rates from avtest. Which is why I use it.

Overall review:

Featured app/game.
We really enjoy this app/game. So we gave it a special rating of Editors Choice.

Overall I like Avast! mobile security because unlike other apps it has all the protection for FREE. And has alot under one roof. So please install it.

Install it here on Google Play.

Demo Video:

Our video review:

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